The National GPS Certification Program will certify participants through an evaluation process. There are three levels of certification. Kits and the certification tests are available. Successful participants will be registered in an international database, valid for three years. It is much like any other certification such as CPR and First Aid. There are instructors located across the country. There is now an online recertification process.

Our teaching approach is based on the premise that learners learn best through the experiential approach of applying the knowledge, skills and attitudes contained within the three levels of certification.

The National GPS Certification Program offers three levels of certification. The most important aspect of all training and certification is the understanding of the relationship between the GPS unit, the map and the compass (Level One). This leads to the collection and “cleaning up” and the enriching of data in the field (Level Two) and then leading to a pathway to GIS (Level Three).

The National GPS Certification Program is a member of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics and is an ESRI (ArcView) client through the Canadian Ecology Centre and the Forestry Research Partnership.

Many organizations recognize and recommend the National GPS Certification Program’s approach to teaching GPS/GIS foundations. Seethe LETTERS serction.


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